Digimon World ~ File City (night) Good Night, Digimon by Angrypanties99

Song from Digimon World for the PS1!

P.S. I used a sheet music for this song.

Sorry! I don’t know who’s this song’s by. I forgot to check the PDF file of the music sheet and forgot where I placed it! Also this dude arranged it onto a sheet music PDF file. I forgot his name lol but I found his account on youtube. All thanks to him!

Reedit: Added flute dynamics and strings. Also added panning. Thanks for the idea Jollabollathan. :slight_smile:

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Good game. Good song. 5/5

Thanks! I was surprised when I looked in the search engine for this game on this site and nobody made any songs! So I thought I’d make this to acknowledge its existence! :slight_smile: