Dire dire dock by Peoplez

Bored so… if you dont want to hear the sameold same old go to 7?

Isn’t this Banjo Kazooie?

can anyone give me 2 numbers between 0-5(including 0 and 5, whole numbers only) it’ll be a suprise


no alienz, its from mario not banjo, thats gotta be embarassing for you >_>.

I’m not embarassed, But can you blame me though? It’s BK style…

it isn’t BK style

I’m not gonna say anything about what TFB just said because it’ll just cause a flame war and a warning headed in my general direction…

Guess no one want to give me numbers I’ll just use 4+5 or 5+6(6 isnt in the options)

I’m sorry sayala1…

2 + 3!