Disney Buys Lucasfilm LTD. for $4.05 Billion

Star Wars Episode VII announced for 2015. Ugh. Being a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember, I’m nervous about a sequel, ESPECIALLY from Disney. http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/disney-news/press-releases/2012/10/disney-acquire-lucasfilm-ltd

Leia will be the new Disney princess!

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I have absolutely nothing positive to say to this, but for the sake of the minds behind the decision, I can’t exactly protest either. Lucas just wanted to make a final profit from it before he retires, I guess.

Well, he wasn’t just going to give it to somebody. I know he wanted his legacy and the Star Wars legacy to continue after he died, so I guess he gave it to Disney to continue to make sure everything is right. I’m hoping their Episode VII will be after VI, and will actually confirm what the hell happens in the New Republic. Leia shouldn’t become a Jedi, Han shouldn’t become a Jedi, and Palpatine shouldn’t get resurrected 3 times.


Adiamorph’s sig pretty much sums up my thoughts.

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That was my first thought! D: But, it can’t be THAT bad. Disney made the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Marvel, and a bunch of others that I can’t think of right now.

I bet they’re going to add something new and never-seen-before, like some kind of new energy draining technology.

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I want disney pixar to make something along the lines of… /

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They’ve already said that they are definitely NOT mixing Star Wars with anything else. They’re keeping the Star Wars franchise and lore how it is now. That doesn’t mean that they’ll change things in the Expanded Universe, but they won’t make Mickey a Jedi.

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