Divergent (Re-Edited) by Unknown

EPIC tell me wut u think. Srry, Almost forgot to give credit to whoever wrote going the distance- rocky balboa, and the extreme. I “stole” some background part ideas from them…

Drums are horrible, woodblock is horrible. The rest is iffy.
Someone has been listening to “The Extreme” a lot. 3 Tuba chords, and the ocarina, ya.
And Going the distance.
So tell me, whats Sheet 0 from?

Nowhere I was doing a project for summer reading. Those melodies and chords fit in perfectly. The project is ‘take songs and put them together to form a soundtrack like you would have in the movie. then write a paragraph about each one for every 3 chapters. You can also make ur own song, by using other people’s chord progression, melodies, ect in it.’ this is an outline for the finished product

Also the reason the woodblock sounds weird is because theres a cow bell in a layer under it…

Oh yeah my teacher was a music critic and I got a 100% on the project just to let u know

Srry bro I was angry at someone at school when I wrote these so srrry

At who was you angry?

I posted these wen I was brand new on notessimo… I thought that everyone had to like my songs, being a real a**hole… so ignore all these comments