Does anybody here play borderlands?

i finally got it working on my pc, even though it runs a little slow and i have to play at minimum settings.

i’ve just barely gotten started, but this game is tons of fun! do any of you guys play it?

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I don’t have it, but I have been wanting to play it. What is it about, besides being a shooter?

I have played it, all DLC as well (yes i actually bought all $40-50 (thats how much it cost before the GOTY edition -.-) worth of DLC…I love it :3 (except i have it on PS3)
It would have to be one of my favorite games…although i still haven’t got around to finishing the 4th DLC…but the others are pretty much done.

Also, don’t let youtube ruin the surprise at the end like it did for me…don’t even search borderlands even if its a walkthrough…you are bound to find either the last boss…or the one from DLC 3 unless you want to see them early…

Basically…on Pandora (the planet you’re on) there is a myth of “The Vault”, so alot of people are searching for it, which supposedly contains…well…tons of money and weapons…you are also helping the friendly citizens out along the way and killing enemies such as: bandits, skags (they’re like…mutated dogs…kinda…) and midgets XD…umm…thats pretty much it XD but what makes the game better is the millions of different weapons you can have (each gun is made up of multiple parts, if 1 part is different…its classed as a new gun)…the difference may be having a scope instead of no scope…but still…you can also collect by rarity…White being the least rare - Green - Blue - Purple - Orange - Cyan (good luck finding one of these in a hurry…i’ve only got 1…and i’ve played a LONG time). Since the game is a RPG FPS, you can also rank up depending on how many enemies you kill, kill an enemy…get EXP… So basically, Borderlands is about freeing the world of bad guys, ranking up to level 69 (serious) and finding the vault. (then completing the DLC stuff)

Man, I love Borderlands! I bought it two weeks ago for the PS3 (GOTY edition) and I’ve been hooked. :3
If I didn’t have MvC3 I’d be playing Borderlands all day…

I have Borderlands for the PC.

I got bored of it pretty easily because no one else that I knew had it to play co-op with.

I played with my brother…but with PC…it’d be a tad more tedious…

I haven’t played Borderlands 2 yet, but I heard it is being ported to PS Vita so I might get it then

I’m stuck versing the giant claptrap in the ninjas assassin claptrap dlc.

Borderlands? I never played it, but maybe sooner or later if i got the time.