Does anyone play JAM with Chrome?

I’ve just found this neat little chrome experiment-, where you play digital instruments- but live with other people. Personally, I’m horrible at it. But I’m bringing this up for people interested. :slight_smile:

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If only it had a lobby to jam with random people…

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Yeah, cause I love jamming with a ton of guys jacking off. Not to be inappropriate, but that’s the reason the don’t have it.


Oh, so like omegle notessimo


There’s Plink (, another chrome experiment. No chat, though.

I just got an error: I want to jam with Chrome on that site, not getting an error.

Plink is amazing, it works & i can mess around with it on my Google Chrome, but i want to JAMWITHCHROME, is there a tip to help troubleshooting?

Do you get an error when going to ?

I mean, how far do you get before you get the error?

Hey, it seems to work now. :slight_smile: Dunno what happened to the site.