Downloading Instruments

I seem to be unable to download and use Instruments uploaded to the site am i doing something wrong or is it not implemented yet?

Basically, the instruments right now are for the unreleased V4 only (I know it’s a bit confusing with V3 also using the “.note” extension).

BUT! Stay tuned the alpha for V4 is coming in just a few days and you can easily use any instruments in the database with just a click. You also have easy access to any “Soundfont” (pretty much a playlist of instruments) from your library directly in the composer so you can begin browsing some and add them or create your own and populate it.

Also, any “liked” instruments is easily accessible when composing so if you find managing soundfont a bit too cumbersome you can simply click :heart: on any instruments you plan to use and they will be readily available when you launch V4 the first time.

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