Dr. Wily Stage 1 by StarWars [XD]


Man I still love the end of sheet 2 so bad…

I have always loved this song =)
Great remix

the part still rocks but… Sheet 1, wtf?

this would make dr. eggman cry.


I like some of Dr. Eggman’s themes better. Sorry tombaker.
This is, still, amazing. Star/5

attempts to combine lyrics from MM2 W/LYRICS, I Want to Be the One, and Okkusenman
ultimately fails

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Ace’s reaction:


1800th viewer!

1810th viewer :D

This is a little slower than the original… OTHERWISE THIS IS FREAKING GODLY

2000th viewer :D

2365th viewer :D

so THAT’s what the strat guitar can do…

hell, if it’s not making eggman cry, then it’s making me cry. just brilliant.

2530th viewer :D

Hope you like it :D

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Not bad Fran!

Wow. I’m speechless.