Earth (collab with Aliens exist =3) by Aliens Exist =3 and Neon Pumpkin

Well Aliens Exist =3 heres my intro I tacked on plus a little Melody after the breakdown. Its a little random but Ill work on it :)

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You butchered a great sounding song.

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Wait a sec, I heard you say to another collab of the same song was terrible, yet it sounded exactly the same as this.

Sounded better without sheet 6. Sheet 7 needs improvement.

Im not good with collabs yet TFB but I will work on it…

I thought sheet six was good. I know sheets 7’s bad.

I’m pretty sure it was an accident. Please stop picking on Neon, I’ll work on it and make it better I promise, I wont be able to untill monday sadly, I apologise, The laptop’s always booked!

It’s not bad… sheet 7, 6 sucks though frankly…

I thought 6 was good…

You are mistaken.

Never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Apologies, if I did.

No no I’m fine I know it was bad… I’m still working on my composeing