EarthBound/Mother - Snowman

Inspired by the SSBB adaptation.



<3 5ever

wow <3

Big love !



hey, Ace, i want the moderators to feature this song

Tell that to the mods.

thats a nice tip, Thanks ace!

^ It’s not a tip, it’s common sense.


think the bass volume needs to be lowered a bit… other than that, it’s feature material…

I just noticed this got featured.

Wonder who featured this…

Hey, there

I think this song can use the Tubular Bell sound to replace the Synth #1 instrument? Or maybe layer over it. On measure 8 put the bell at like 200% volume!

I think the bell sounds more “wintery!” Anyways just a suggestion! :slight_smile:

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this is great though the old player doesn’t work. nor the v3 player.