Electronic Fjord by StarWars [XD] & cartr0x


Hey! Our song got featured!

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Odd, I don’t remember posting the song under my own name…

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If you played Sheet 0 over 1000 times, I’d listen to it all. The snare was epic. Epic. The Snare + Tambourine combo is an insta - 6/5.

…that was the most godly electronic song I’ve ever heard…

I find this song very easy to masturbate to.

One thing I’ve just now noticed about this song is that it flows incredibly well. In fact I’d say this is the single best flowing-song I’ve ever heard on Notessimo, at least that doesn’t use incredibly obvious and repetitive ways to introduce new sections. I must hand it to Cartrox on that front.


I thought that the chorus was great ,well, the entire song was. transitions are smooth, and everything harmonizes. 5/5

Thanks a lot guys.

OMG! 300 somethin’ measures plus like 4 layers in some layouts! HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU TWO?

ive noticed that the drum layer is what makes the green synth sound like one note, if you take out that layer ( in sheet 0 ) the synths sound 100% different

Actually if you look at layer 7, it’s because the synth is only supported on the lower octave. The arps were supposed to be subtle, and unfortunately I realized a bit too late that they were too quiet in the track.

Awesome 5/5


definitely your best work ever!!! I’ll show you how to make it much better if you like :)


JD, before you go around the site saying your better than everyone, you should show that you cna acctually make a good song

Also, its already done, so why would they mess parts up when THEY LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS

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mmm…sheet 0

just gotta say…
this song is amazing :slight_smile: