elpenguino's songs

ok, i thought it was about time for me to start my own topic. i had quite a few songs and decided i’d do this. so here it is. my topic.
original songs

cover songs

Cool songs, elpenguino

YYZ was pretty good.

thanks, that’s the one i’ve spent most time on. lots of little fills and fast riffs, and the drums are pretty complex. if i continue it i’ll probably change the drum fills.

i’ve never played chrono trigger but i’d say ur doing great on corridors of time

btw- this isnt official but i think this topic will be staying (not deleted)

maybe i should make the text bigger so it looks like i have more songs… or i could actually make more songs. that could work…
can anybody think of a decent instrumental song i could make a cover of, or a theme for an original song?

edit: doing a cover of the power rangers theme tune. look it up, it’s an awesome song