Emotion (carrot.'s dubstep mix) by carrot / SuperPickle2 / Ace1257


Oh, and I’m gonna do one of deadmau5’s songs called Channel 42, I’ll work on it today and tomorrow and post the demo today or tomorrow. :D

EDIT: And yes, it doesn’t sound like dubstep, but it is. I think it sounds like some sort of “minimal dubstep.” It’s not heavy and it’s not too soft. So don’t say it doesn’t sound like it.


If you try to make dubstep on Notessimo it sounds bad. Try using a different program, you have potential.


I agree with this very handsome mop, dubstep just doesn’t work on notessimo.


I Like this song Carrot :D

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i respect your songs carrot.

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Sure means a lot when you like every song, good or bad.
@carrot: you should implement some iconic dubstep features. Your song lacked the effects and the “drop” that are found in many dubstep songs.

It’s a different type of dubstep.

carrot, I just would have called it a “techno-remix”.

But just think of Wubby Dubs.

Everyone loved it.

It can be done well.

This was actually really good for notessimo…

:cry: <----- ^
I have those expressions too if i don’t understand why someone is not liking that song or i have to miss woodworking.