Emotion (carrot.'s dubstep mix) by carrot / SuperPickle2 / Ace1257


Oh, and I’m gonna do one of deadmau5’s songs called Channel 42, I’ll work on it today and tomorrow and post the demo today or tomorrow. :D

EDIT: And yes, it doesn’t sound like dubstep, but it is. I think it sounds like some sort of “minimal dubstep.” It’s not heavy and it’s not too soft. So don’t say it doesn’t sound like it.

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If you try to make dubstep on Notessimo it sounds bad. Try using a different program, you have potential.


I agree with this very handsome mop, dubstep just doesn’t work on notessimo.


I Like this song Carrot :D

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i respect your songs carrot.

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Sure means a lot when you like every song, good or bad.
@carrot: you should implement some iconic dubstep features. Your song lacked the effects and the “drop” that are found in many dubstep songs.

It’s a different type of dubstep.

carrot, I just would have called it a “techno-remix”.

But just think of Wubby Dubs.

Everyone loved it.

It can be done well.

This was actually really good for notessimo…

:cry: <----- ^
I have those expressions too if i don’t understand why someone is not liking that song or i have to miss woodworking.