Empty Space by Hellstick

Tried a more minimalistic approach with this one. Wanted to give the impression of vast, empty space or something.
Cheers, and enjoy!

Edit- Hearing it in the player it seems like a few of the sounds are kinda off-time. I would suggest listening in the composer for the intended timing.



Enjoyed that ending quite a bit

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Cheers friends!
Glad the ending was satisfactory. I was in doubt wether or not it was the correct way to end the track but decided to go for it anyway.

Only Hellstick can make a song like this and call it “minimalist” XD

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MInimalist in the sense that it’s not a full on banger like Viperfish or The Tarrasque Rises. There is still quite a few effects and detail in there, and quite a bit of work went into this, but the track is a lot less cluttered with aggressive sounds and breaks, instead putting focus on keeping the flow a bit more mellow and chill. At least that’s what i tried to aim for although the line might have gotten blurred towards the drumstep section:P

You ask for the Space.
The Space has finally arrived.