Endless Stairs - Super Mario 64 (V2)

I’ve received quite a few comments on the Reddit thread saying they could clearly hear the breaks and also that I was missing perhaps a third sequence to really complete the effect.

The first version was based on MIDI and Sheet Music I found on the net but turns out they weren’t quite accurate…

I ended up falling into a rabbit hole with Super Mario 64 ROM hacking using SM64 ROM Manager to actually rip the notes sequence and have a closer look at it. I also ended up having tons of fun using Blender to modify some 3D model of the level and importing it into the ROM itself and play it on an emulator. Fun Stuff!

This version should be much closer to the original output from the game and hopefully re-create the illusion better for those with gifted ears!

Also, for the pedantic out there, yes “Shepard Tone” isn’t actually right, it is a “slightly modified Shepard Scale” :wink:

Let me know if there are any further tweaks I should be doing!

I think maybe for the V2 of the video having the notes opacity change based on their volume would also represent the effect better visually.