I know this is a stupid question but I have been getting a lot of errors on my computer, Its craming my space and slowing my computer down and now, I can`t even use AVG to scan them because it refuses to load.

I have to suspect that Notessimo is causing all these errors because I keep getting a error warning every time I exit from Notessimo. What is going on?

Please don`t lock this because this is a seriouse problem to me and I want it fixed.

Maybe you have a virus? I don’t think Notessimo would cause one though.

AVG would have found it already and warned me, it would also cause much more damage.

Actually some viruses shuts down anti-virus.
But maybe you could take a screenshot of these errors?

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Its not shuting it down. I have came across viruses before and trust me, there A LOT worse than what I am encountering.

I cant take screenshots but every time I exit out it sends a warning message that is identical to warning messages when you end a unresponsive program though I do not see a lot of those unresponsive program problems.

Google Chrome loves errors. =3

Notessimo can’t cause virus / errors on your computer (except errors inside Notessimo itself) or whatever, it is a Flash applet that run inside your browser and can’t access anything on your computer, the worst that can happens is that Flash crash and you need to restart your browser which can happens often if for example you have viruses or lots of processes running on your computer and there is not enough memory left or if you have a very slow computer (which can be slow because of viruses, etc.).

I hate when Flash crashes.

Me too.

Are you talking about the “All unsaved data will be lost” message?

kinda… when I deal with a unresponsive program, it gives me the permision to end it imeadiatly (end now) and tells me that all unsaved data will be lost.

So, does that box appear every time you try to exit Notessimo? Where else do these errors appear?

Also check your task manager (right click on taskbar) and see what processes are taking up a lot of memory (as Starburst said).

If this is what you’re referring to (which I assume it isn’t) then you’re fine.

Is that … a different browser?

Also I never get that message. :sadface:

no not that, you always get that when you leave the Notessimo compose page.

Dont worry about it guys, Its just the errors fucked up my flash player and java so I cant watch full-screen youtube videos or play minecraft. =(

it happens to me too!



It won’t let me share my song. How do I fix this?

but whatever, I’ll answer your question.

  1. In the Composer, File → Save As…
  2. Save it as “name.note” It is important that you save it as a .note!
  3. Click the “Browse” tab.
  4. Click “Add Song”.
  5. Fill in the information.


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