Everyone on notessimo should read this and this is a general thing for notessimo

forums and status updates should tell you if it’s ok to post on it or not because I’ve been in trouble just for posting

on a recent status update and I think it’s unfair to punish me just because people get notifications from me inviting them to

conversations and updating my status replying to what they’ve posted on it!!!I’m not trying to be a problem to notessimo

and I’m not trying to sound like I’m complaining for doing something wrong. I have been very nice to everyone on notessimo

and haven’t said anything to offend them, but their upset because they got notifications on messages they willingly sent out to the

public to comment on. If they don’t what people to comment on their status updates then why do they post them at

all !!! I’m not trying to be a bad person

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Dear god. Stop posting pointless topics. That’s like, 7-in-a-row or something like that. Thank god the moderators are deleting your topics.

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