EX and PT!!!

EX and PT rules OK! I have watched the series from the popular franchise. Do you have any stuff regarding EX and PT?

What’s EX and PT?

I’ve exhausted all my googling expertise and still dunno what EX and PT is

To find EX and PT there in this site, there are the soundtrack from the franchise that awaited lots for years:

◄ You are on my way, but you thrust me? ►

OK but what is it tho

Somebody at drooodle will view one of my works.

Is there a youtube video that will show us what EX/PT are?

Personally I prefer DR and CH.

There are the logos of EX and PT:
post-8974-0-91083600-1609951116.png The first EX and PT logo used in English-language releases. It was in all of the franchise’s usage until the release of EX and PT Dodecahedron and Wedge. It was used to the present day.
post-8974-0-14404400-1609951130.png Used from EX and PT Spiral and Star until EX and PT Dodecahedron and Wedge.
post-8974-0-33934400-1609951140.png Used from EX and PT Dodecahedron and Wedge onwards.
post-8974-0-34553800-1609951155.png “Ridged” logo no. 1 post-8974-0-71216100-1609951166.png “Ridged” logo no. 2
Also, what is DR and CH?


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Same with the thing on drooodle:


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I know there is a sneaky text to someone on drooodle. In case of not catching a drooodler’s attention, find out this:

Done with the EX and PT album art.

You can choose “Contain” for the album position (when editing or uploading a song) to prevent them from being cropped so they can fit nicely within the square frame.


This does require to re-upload the image using the original artwork

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EX and PT is a ancient media franchise. It focuses on the Zywa finding the stone key. The Zywa include Arni, Raix, Vagitron and Venok.

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