Exotic Spleen by TV / Carrot / TwisterFireX / DD12 / CtelinAjira


Credits to: Carrot for his Rhodes #2 arpeggios, DD12 for his Fender Riff & TwistedFireX for his Bass #4

Emotion by Carrot,SuperPickle & Ace1257
Knifes of Darkness by Timothy Verbist (me)
QVX’s Drums
Embers of Anger by TwistedFireX
I’m Back by DarkDan12
On The Moon by Roastmasters
& Prancing Dad by CtelinAjira

You might call it random, but i tried harder on my drums now!

Oh God, why did you have to say Spleen?

Because i like to say some words like that

You should have left the chord movement to a 16 measure count. After that it just sounds weird… Other than that, Hy you’re getting a ton better!


What’s wrong with you?!

a fucking spleen

I still can’t believe this guy is 18…

Of course, he isn’t 18. If he were, he’d be more focused on other things.

I don’t know. Tell me, you made me curious!

oh the indignity!

kill me