Family Apocoloptogon's Songs

Here is my favorite color and where my songs will go. Every song that is not another upload of the same song(i.e. there are two uploads of a song, I will only upload the nearest one to the finish), will be uploaded here. Oh, yeah, the reason this is family Apocoloptogon is because there were different Apocoloptogons that made these according to the upload dates. AND TELL ME IF A LINK DOESN’T WORK OR IF IT GOES TO THE WRONG SONG AND I WILL FIX IT
Unfinished songs:
Apocolyptica - Not Strong Enough - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
O.S.I - Wind Won’t Howl - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
3 - Numbers - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon/ Derp Apocoloptogon
Dream Theater - The Glass Prison - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Vanden Plas - Fire Blossom - Chip Apocoloptogon
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under - Multiple Apocoloptogons
Apocoloptogon Suite - The Apocoloptogons
Dream Theater - The Dance Of Eternity - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Reegaliband - Kapokokoptokon
Video Game Songs
C418 - Living Mice - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Pokemon Green BETA - Lavender Town(Creepypasta) - Winky Wolly Apocloptogon - The Devil’s Realm - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Duck Tales - The Moon - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Super Mario 64 - Dire, Dire Docks - Apocoloptocopter
Mother - Poltergeist - Apocoloptocopter
Masahiro Andoh - Moon Over the Castle - Apocoloptocopter/ Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Axelay - Unkai - Dr. Apocoloptogon/ Chip Apocoloptogon
Originals Or Random Stuff:
The Epic Chiptune - Apocoloptocopter
Quick Before Homework Song - Apocoloptocopter
My First Attempt at a Loop - Apocoloptocopter
My Chiptune Loop - Apocoloptocopter
Some Random Chiptune Song - Apocoloptocopter
My Happy Birthday Song - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Pie - Chip Apocoloptogon
Derpyderp - Derp Apocoloptogon
Paracosm - Derp Apocoloptogon ft. Malice
Something.note - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Apocoloptomedley - Apocoloptogon
Wagabaga - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Metalel - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Old Songs:
Old Song #1 - Mr. Ice Cream
Old Song #2 - Mr. Ice Cream
Living Mice Cover - Mr. Ice Cream
The Strange Loop Collection(Discontinued):
TSLC: 1 - Apocoloptocopter
TSLC: 2 - Apocoloptocopter
TSLC: 3 - Apocoloptocopter
TSLC: 3.1 - Apocoloptocopter
TSLC: 4 - Apocoloptocopter
TSLC: 5 - The Doctor of Apocoloptogons’ Loop - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
The Double ‘E’ Series:
Veerus - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Seezure - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Cleener - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Aweek - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Creepy - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Leep - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Free - Chip Apocoloptogon
Strangeeffect - Derp Apocoloptogon
Asleep - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Happy Halloween - Halloween Potato
Turn I:
1 Turn I - Kapokokoptokon
2 Turn I - Kapokokoptokon
Song Snippet Things:
Dream Theater - Fatal Tragedy [Loop] - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Symphony X - Domination [Loop] - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
A Nightmare to Remember - Dream Theater - Kapokoptokon
Against the Burnt Toast - Aliens Exist =3 & Dr. Apocoloptogon/ Chip Apocoloptogon
The Final Hour - Aliens Exist =3 & Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
QVX Song Edit Thing - QVX / Apocoloptogon
The Short Life | MYaFW Edit / Remix - Aliens Exist =3 / Apocoloptogon
Songs that will most likely never be finished:
Dubstep Thing - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
I’m Only Twelve - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Soap - Apocoloptocopter
Invisible Men Part - Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon
Feelings - Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.
Stupid Song (?) - Derp Apocoloptogon


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nice songs, Dr. Apocoloptogon A. D.

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Dang when did everyone decide to get massive signatures…anyway congrats on getting a thread Dr. Apocoloptogon!

(too bad having a thread doesn’t mean anything anymore ;_; THE FORUMS WILL RISE AGAIN!!!)

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Thanks everyone!
I have just finished Moon Over the Castle link above in video games section today!

Hey, it would be nice of you guys could give me suggestions on what songs I should finish since I have a lot that need to be finished…

Aliens, why?

Well whatever I am trying to finish up a cover from “3” if you guys cared at all.
And the stupid song is stupid.

Aliens Y

Apocoloptogon Z.

Tsukasa said you have a faggot-to-ear enchancement.

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Compared to the stuff we say about Tsukasa.

Compared to the stuff me and Tsukasa say about you.

I guess we’re even.

So yeah, I don’t want this thread to be stupid.

Here’s my most recent song while I update my shiznapoo.

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