Does anyone else here besides Spacepixel and I use Famitracker for compositions as well as N2? Do you guys like listening/seeing products of Famitracker? Blablablabalba? Discuss!

I have something similar to it but not Famitracker.
I know one thing, you guys really know how to use it because you music is amazing.

Thanks! I’ve barely started like 3-4 weeks ago. I’m still kind of a newbie, and I get distracted easily while on it.

I’ve never used it, maybe I’ll try it.

Shouldn’t this be in the music section?

I used MilkyTracker a bit… but then I got lazy and stopped.

If anyone has any percussion samples, could you share them with me? That would be amazing.

I dislike having to place notes with your keyboard!

You get used to it :P But yeah, I feel ya.