Favorite Games

Hey everyone post your favorite games here…
Here is how to list them
List them the color assosiated with the following systems
PC = Black
Nintendo 64 = Red
Xbox = Light Green
Xbox 360 = Dark Green
Playstation = Grey
Playstation2 = Light Blue
Playstation3 = Dark Blue
GameCube = purple
Wii = Orange
(White won’t show up XD)

You and your fancy way of catagorizing things lol Well, I’ll list a few favorites…

Team Fortress 2
True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Final Fantasy XII
Guitar Hero: World Tour

I shamefully havent tried a classic before but anyway,


All the Guitar Hero games

I used to be obsessed with Pokemon for the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS

Chrono trigger <----- that colour now represents SNES.

All of the mm games from 1-7 I dont like 8 though.

Battlefield:Bad Company and Rock Band!!!

I’m not using colors to categorize them. If you want to know more about them, ask.

Ninja Gaiden 1
Disgaea 2
The Sims 2
Dance Dance Revolution
Megaman 2
Megaman 9
Megaman X Command Mission
Megaman X4

And I really wish I had:
Pop’n Music 13: Carnival

Found another great game yesterday…
Flatout 2!



well i don’t know what game boy advanced is, but my favorite game is Golden Sun both the first and second.

Ah man, those games are great. Er… well, the first one, I haven’t actually played the second one yet. I have both on my iPod, but the second one keeps screwing up at the beginning

My favorite games ever probably has to be the entire Madden series, played on many different consoles. Right now I’m playing MLB the Show. Call me crazy but I seem to be the only one here hitting up the sports games. Is that true? Please tell me somebody here has a passion for sports…anybody?..Please??

I enjoy watching sports (hockey, baseball, football), but video games… not so much.

Backyard baseball is fun

If you have a ps3, rent MLB 09 the show and play it for a little while. Once you figure out hitting the game is one of the best games you’ll ever play.

Sadly, I don’t… as much as I want one. I only have a Wii and a PS2… lol

Oooh, I remember when I only used to play Madden. I started on 98 when I was either 4 or 5, and I got my next one in 2003 (Madden 03). I skipped 04, and had every one from 05-08. Then I got Guitar Hero and I’ve never played one since. I miss Madden games. Too bad I’m nowhere near as good as I was before. I played on All-Madden. Now I’m probably on Pro, definitely not Rookie, but definitely not All-Pro.

fishrocker, you shouldn’t have given up on Madden! 09 had an awesome feature where the game would set your own difficulty level to help keep it competitive. For example, you start out by doing drills on both offense and defense. If you did well in passing it may start you at all-madden level for passing, but if you don’t do as well running, it may start you at pro for running, same with defense. Then as you play games, it adjusts by how well you do in each category. If you’re good enough (like I was) you can get it to be even more difficult then all-madden in every area (and I was still killing the computer.) I suggest giving Madden 2010 a shot because it should be better yet. I understand how guitar hero can be addicting, but add something in there so you don’t get tired of guitar hero. Madden is still a great game and 09 was one of the better ones of the series at least in my opinion.

My first Madden game was '98 on the N64. Then '00 on the PC and I didn’t get another until '06 came out. I love sports games, but I always beat everyone in my family at them, so nobody plays against me. I can’t stand baseball games just because of batting. You get like one second to move your cursor, angle it, and swing.