Favorite Notessimo Artists

Post about the notessimo musician whos music you like the most.
Excluding yourself!!! just to be fair
and if you can then post the link to the song you like the most.

ride liner hasn’t been seen in forever but the song from tales of symphonia that he did was great but i don’t feel like hunting for link

Here’s the link to that song Heart. Fatalize
I like this song too, but he isn’t really my favorite…I’d have to say Hypo is lol He’s great at making songs with this.

Palkki has been just as absent as ride liner.
And I think fishrocker is by far the greatest musician on the site.

I Just Joined But Id say Its the First Person To make Operation Ground N’ Pound OR Trail of broken Hearts (DragonForce)

I’d have to say either Hypo or KdIuLdLeA.

no one said me…
hint hint

I would have a favorite if not for the majority of Notessimaestros merely sequencing video game music, while the rest are not very good. Only the Notessimo.net staff seem to have any skill.

KD and hypo are good I’m good at covering songs, but now 2 years later I can make awesome original songs, just not amazing masterpieces.

Hypo and KudLDsomtinsomtin

Haha, I love my name. So fun watching people try to type it out. For the future though, just call me Kd, much easier.

I refuse to believe that there aren’t more talented artists herein, a site dedicated to amateur/unlicensed/open music, and music writing. It doesn’t add up.

its really hard to pick between Hypo and Kd. They are both really good at this
EDIT: I like The Carlton Crew’s music too.

very funny Hypo

It is a tough choice between Hypo and KD. They are both really good. CC is pretty good also. I do like Superman by Bron Skien though.

as it turns out, I like most of the songs I listen to, but my new favorite would have to be…

I also would like to say Anthony. He seems to be good at this.

I’m not really active most of the time on this forum but i’d say KdIuLdLeA because his music is awesome. (Yes hypo is good but KdIuLdLeA is my fav so far)


well, fish is my fav because i know he has A LOT of poteneial, he just has touseit all.