Feature Songs DEC 2014

Posted it in Fran’s absence, you know the rules & don’t break them.

-Each user may nominate at most one song per category (cover or original)
-Each song must be composed in the current month
-A user can not nominate a song composed by him/her
-Any nominated song mustn’t be featured before in Notessimo
-Any nominated song mustn’t be nominated before in the current month
-Any user can not have more than three nominated songs each month

Too early.

I’ll be patient next time.

I think the better question is: why aren’t any songs getting featured anymore?


Double posting ftw :3

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huh. I wonder if we should include a system involving multiple nominations. Like if a song gets nominated more than once it gets an extra vote for each nomination. It would kinda allow people to vote on more than one song and also vote before a poll is created, I’m just worried it would make the thread more cluttered. Maybe if we imposed a rule about only having one post and all your nominations in that post. Thoughts?

I think the more likes a nomination gets, the more deserving it should be of a feature. However, that may be a problem if there are multiple nominees in one post…


screw it, I’m using this thread. Verbist better put the poll up, though.



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Should I put up the poll now?

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Go ahead.

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is January here


(also 4:20)

Sorry for being hasty. On another note, what are we to do with this tie in the poll? How about we feature both songs?

How about we feature all 3? What could it hurt? :3