Feature Suggestion Thread

There is an Instrument Suggestion Thread so why not a feature suggestion thread?
So post your ideas here (and you wont have to make a new thread for every suggestion)
I know we basically know what we want…but this could be for future usage!

  • Time change
  • Built-in scales
  • UNDO!!

no… dude, thats the point of this forum. thats like going to the songs forum and posting a topic called “Post your songs here!”

Roast has a point, but I think this could be used to list all the suggestions mentioned so far (and maybe provide a link to the thread where it is) to help everyone look through them, especially Starburst.

that was my original idea

So mods, chop chop!


mods will now attack muselline.

Not if I use guitarskills as a shield.

sets fire to Muselline and burns Guitarskills in the process

Woah, that was pretty crazy. Good thing I didn’t post in this thread.


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