Feelings (aka Emotions: leifeday Remix) by leifeday

It’s finally done! i honestly didn’t expect it to be this long, but this is the way i would’ve made Emotions. i guess this is why carrot. didn’t consider me for the collab.

PS: www.youtube.com/DubstepLyrics
Thanks aliens exist =3!

From where I was the entire week, (Regaurding notessimo) It seems like 75% of everything is tied to emotions in some way. EMOTIONS FTW!

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Needs more cymbals.
Sheets 15-17: I feel like I’ve been robbed…

There’s much effort put into it; but personally, there’s also a lot of things that could be improved. For example, a good portion of the song felt like it had little to no substance to it. Most of the sheets at the beginning consisted of the signature Emotions riff, and either drums, the electric piano, or bass. Concerning sheets 15-17, I’d have to go with what Ace stated: “I feel like I’ve been robbed…” The female vox really doesn’t to much but overshadow the recurring riff, which seems to be the centerpiece of the entire composition.
The cliffs: Personally, it feels like much of the same ideas are being implemented over and over again, without much being delivered. Sorry, mate.

Actually, SuperPickle and Ace just joined to tweak and add. I didn’t ask them to…

i know that the bass can be improved and i should have worked on that a bit more. and sorry for breaking and entering, ace. i thought that the vocal parts were as big a part of the song as the riff, but clearly it wasn’t.

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your welcome?

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