FF12 ~ Esper Battle Theme ~ Rearranged by CtelinAjira by Unknown

Of course, I tried to make it sound as badass as Notessimo will allow me to make it sound.

Rate. Comment.

And in case anyone missed the last prompt:

I have a challenge to any of you who are willing.
See if you can rearrange this song:


I’ve always HATED the music from Final Fantasy 12. However, this is a pretty neat remix. 4.5/5

You are one of the best composers, Ctelin! You are EPIC!!

I highly doubt I’m the BEST composer on Notessimo.

Oh, wow! You did the esper battle song! To be honest, to make a song more dynamic and errr “badass” as you say, I’d add more percussion texture and dynamics! :slight_smile: If you ever edit tthis song, try it with more percussion texture! :slight_smile:

Anyways, very nice song! Sounds like it should be in a gameboy advance FF12 game! x)

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Glad you liked it. I’ll try and remember that advice.