Field of Theories by Roastmasters


Well I hate to say it but my favorite part was sheet 33, which was kinda out of place, and it sounded like one big experiment. The song was too repetitive, and the drums - which saved the song btw - should have come in right after sheet 26, not a whole minute later. The bass beat was quite awe-inspiring, I assume (and this is without looking myself) that you used panning. This probably doesn’t need to be in the rock thread, I believe that is an insult to the song itself, as it would’ve fit perfectly into the hyperspeed thread or the ambient thread (except for the metal guitar’s short intro and almost immediate exodus). It was a good job though, and I rated it 4 stars.

Wow. Love it. It had a nostalgic feel to it, for me that is.

Wow fishrocker haven’t seen you in a while

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my ONLY problem is that it was repetitive, but I really liked the repetitive damant spectrum part so it didn’t hurt all that much

I rate it a 5 (if i could on this comp )

Sounds Quite nice, I even like the Damant Spectrum because it sounds like a harp.

In the beginning, it sounds like my spooky tests.