I just have to say this because I went to Switzerland for 1 week by car and I did not sleep all the way in the journey. I mean, Dijon in France has high mountains! Also on Saturday I went to the snow and guess what? I saw the Alpes from Genéve. I went to the Swiss Alpes. I had a great holiday!

oh, cool! Well, now that theres something interesting to talk about!

my family never goes on vacation. I live in New Jersey, and the furthest away from this place I’ve been is South Carolina (I don’t know if you non-Americans know about these places.) I’ve only been there 3 or 4 times, and the last time I went will be 4 years this March 28

I’ve only been out-of-country once. (I live in United States) It was a few years back when I visited my cousins in Michigan, then crossed the border into Ontario and stayed there for a few nights.

Yay Ontario! That’s where I live lol
But anyways… my family travels a lot! We go to Florida every year for March Break. We’ve gone to Mexico, Aruba, the Caribbean, somewhere in South America… and a few more, I can’t remember at the moment. They were all fun trips though.

Anyone have field trips to share? Im going somewhere tomorrow, MIDEVIAL TIMES! I dont have to bring my bpack so NO SCHOOL WORK! Yay!
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Are ya in 7th grade? My world history class did that in middle school.
Of course that was 3 years ago but yeah. Expect epic knight battles. It’s awesome.

I was planning to go to the State Fair for marching band, but I really don’t have the option of doing that because I’ve already missed so much school this semester (personal reasons), and now my primary focus is just trying to maintain my grades.

Next year my high school band is going to go to New York. Im gonna wear so much Red Sox stuff . 2 years after we go to florida.

Werid fact. It’s legal for a girl to go topless where a man can in New York.

Not a good idea lmao.

Our band travels to places too annually, but I’m going to wait 'til next year.

yes im in 7, though ive been there before. does anyone else know the potatoe’s under the chicken? lol

Well while I was going to switzerland it was HELL. It was snowing and there was ice on the road. I saw a car crash so it was a 12-hour journey. It’s supposed to be a 9-hour journey.We left at night and got to Switzerland in the morning. And then after the week we left at night and got to London in the afternoon. I can tell you more about my holiday. Anyone wants to hear it?

it takes me less than an hour to get to london from my house!

It would probably take me awhile to get to London from my house by car. Until they build like a trans-Atlantic bridge or something, I don’t think I’ll make it.

you could always fly there! Land of the free, right?

Yes, but I was just talking about driving. It would take about 6 hours (I think) to fly there from where I live.

i wonder how long it would take for me to drive from my house (located in central jersey, near the shore) to Jan’s house (somewhere in Ohio)

I wonder how long too… I’m guessing it would take ages though lol.

On the last week of March/first week of April, I’ll be going to Waco, Texas.

I’m going to Hawaii! I might be moving (living in) to America though I like it here in the UK though

Hawaii! That’s a long way from where you are! Isn’t that like on the other side of the world? Were you told that if you dig a hole deep enough, you will end up in Hawaii?