Fight 'til the Last Breath (Final Boss Tune) by Caleb Taylor

Oooooooohhh mama! I finally brought this beast back from the dead!

Also, the synth part seems a bit quiet in the V2 player. I have no clue how it sounds in the new one, so consider this a test of sorts. I’m hoping all goes well!

And I’ll have more to come soon, but in the meantime, have this hold you over. As always, enjoy, and leave any feedback or comments you’d like to say down below. :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: I guess I had more energy than I thought and managed to get some balance in the song. I guess that metal guitar can really scream!


My only complaint is the piano should’ve been slightly louder.

Everything else was done perfectly! 5/5


Aaaaaand the synth is still quiet.

Meaning if there’s any hope of it being heard, I’ll have to turn some stuff down. I’ll do that later though. I’m super tired right now. :V

I can see this totally being in a video game’s last level. way to really bring out the emotion!

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Personally, I’m ok with the volume of the synth, but you can increase the volume by stacking on top of the synth with more synth on a different layer.
Synth 300% volume Layer 3
Synth 100% volume Layer 9

This is so Castlevania.
Critically speaking, I think the piano and synths should be louder, as the metal guitar is very overpowering.


omg ur so talented

I have absolutely no complains about this track.

do you have years of some sort of musical experience? this is great man keep it up c:


Are u serious guy…
You are a genius…

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I took a couple of music classes in high school, plus I played for two years in the marching band. Other than that, not really.

I took Blarg and Antonim’s advice for this one, and now I’m much happier with it. Thanks, m80’s!

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why isn’t this featured yet? come on mods! FEEEEAAAATURRRREEE

Funny that you mention that. Back when I made this the first time, I did have Castlevania on the brain.

man, every time I get on the site I always have to give this another listen because it’s so freaking epic!

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This sounds great, however, the the transition from sheet 0 to sheet 1 is too abrubt in my opinion.
Good job.

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It does have that certain tone to it, even better! XD

That brings me to a new question: Am I the only one who thinks Castlevania only has just a handful of memorable songs? While those pieces are still absolutely legendary, I still feel like the rest is just kinda there.