Final Fantasy VII Crazy Motorcycle Chase by Clonefan841

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack


Good lord, are you really?


okaaaaaaaaaay. You’re awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it “Chace” wasn’t intentional in the title?
Nice cover though, sounds great :3

lol, my bad. I’m not the night owl I used to be, I will blame fatigue :stuck_out_tongue:

I blame the other mods…

The first song I ever listened to on Notessimo was by Clonefan :wink:

Man this brings back some memories…of listening to OWA like 50 times. Glad to have you back Clonefan!

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Weren’t you guys really close friends or something a few years ago?

Wow, nice feature.

Clonefan must be the #1 in Music Contests, if some contest happens here in Notessimo. Nice music, Clonefan!


Plus the music on CC2012 is awesome… just like this one!