Final Fantasy VII-One Winged Angel by Clonefan841


I decided to change the volume and panning of a few notes to accomodate the new flash, the instruments don’t drown out the vocal now.

thank you for introducing me to one of the greatest games ever.

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Agreed !


I love this song

Hearing this song makes me wonder why FF gets all the best music. Sure, Nintendo’s theme are probably the most widely known, but in reality they pale in comparison.

Very true, although Pokemon has some awesome music

Someone was bored!

…but omg what epic boredom it is o.O


OMG hey what is final fantasy rated?

PG & M I think…

Loved The Song too!

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Also for FF7 I’m pretty sure its T. And before that I think they we’re all E. After 7 I have no idea.

Why are there so many songs in final fantasy?

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because there are over a dozen final fantasy games.

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It’s like an orchestral touhou of RPG’s

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If I could i’d hit that like bar with 9999 clicks
(secretly its me the youtuber Nickmaster8811)
thinks to self: maybe this guy can help me recreate Go K.K. Rider

Hooooly crap! you’re THE, NICKMASTER8811? OMFG!