Final Fantasy

The song Hurry ! from Final Fantasy VII by Nobuo Uematsu


After several sessions of several hours I finally finished a masterpiece!

Be warned, it may rock your face off.

Woah! One Winged Angel is tight! I don’t think i’ve heard of the second though.

I wish I could do that…


Vivi’s Theme, not yet finished

Nice one! I think I found a link to One Winged Angel on Kongregate’s forum.

I post on both, but I’m posting less and less on Kong.

Well, try and keep up with Kongregate’s forums, I may post excusive songs there and forget to put em here… Anyways, I’m gonna try some TECHNO! Hope it works out nicely on the forums…

Never heard that song but dude that sounds sick i’ll try listening to the song later.

Hi, I came over this through Kongregate

Here’s my first song, it’s from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the one that plays when you select the game from the PSP menu.

I wish there was a piano sound for mid-range tones too, right now there’s only for very high or very low notes

Sounds great! It can go on forever!

Nice job dude sounds great

It’s the battle theme from Final Fantasy VI
I have always loved the music in Final Fantasy series
Hope you like it

Nice job on the FF6 theme too bad the highest rate is a 5 I would give it a 6 XD

Thanks, Nobuo is a real genius.
Anyway here are the results of another sleepless night:
Final Fantasy V, Gilgamesh theme

Palki I congratulate you on how awesome you are on final fantasy music you did an excellent job you should make more… except don’t sacrifice sleep over it XD

Thanks for the ecouraging feedback, I will have the next one done soon.
I’m not really sacrificing any sleep since i’m suffering from slight insomnia so I just continued until i felt sleepy.

The new Still Alive sounds great. I really liked Portal and the credit song was all the cake I needed after finishing it
And I really hope that the Vivi’s theme gets finished at some point

It’s done now

Final Fantasy VI
Boss Battle theme

Nice song Palkki. All your songs are pretty good. 8-)