Final Fantasy

Palki you do a good job… only if I had the time to do all this… and as good as you XD I’m working on American idiot by green day its ok… and for video games do the FF1 theme the most clasic 8-)

I got lots of free time since my high school studies are finished and im waiting for results from my matriculation exams.
But I will probably have to start reading for the universities enternance exams soon.

You mean the battle theme from FF1?
I can try it soon
I havn’t really played the first Final Fantasy much and I already have few games in progress. (Got to finish that damn kefka’s tower at last)

Palkki I have a question: where do you get the notes and sheet music for all of this because I would like to make music like this

Another astounding creation, all thanks to insomnia.

excellent job hypo you always make great songs too…

I’m thinking about doing a Final Fantasy theme probably FF1 which is my favorite out of all battle music

I got the sheets for the FF songs from this site
But I also listened to the original songs about a hundred times
Some of the sheets seemed to be a bit off at some points but most of them seemed to be good
And the site has crashed my browser few times for some reason. I’m using firefox

I already did start of the FF1 battle theme
Here is the id
Jake you can continue from that if you want.
I got FF5 and 6 on ZSnes emulator. With that i could mute all but one sound channel and listen to the notes carefully.
Since FF1 isn’t Snes game i can’t do that with it and its hard for me to hear single notes if there are many playing at the same time

And here is one new one.
If if you can recognize it. Congratulations!
If you can’t then i didn’t do a very good job or you have missed one of the greatest Indie games ever made!
It’s not the whole song but anyway.

If you really want to know which game its from, just try to find out by yourself… or ask me.

And that culex battle is great.
I’m sure I have heard it before somewhere but not in Super mario RPG since im still at the volcano

The Culex Battle song is the same as the Final Fantasy IV (I think) Boss Battle. And I just feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t played Super Mario RPG.

Whatdya think of this?

Good idea, weak execution?

Hastily done, but I think it came out awwwwright. Heh, it will probably help if I spell Grand correctly.

Who fell for the joke link in request? Anybody, anybody? Dancy dance der dah der…

Actually I threw caution in the wind when I saw that you had done it so quickly.
But the vid was actually funny.
That costume beats even the companion cube costume I saw the other day

Ultros Ahahaa…

I was burning the midnight oil on this one.
As per request:

Life… Dreams… Hope… Where’d they come from?
And where are they headed…? These things… I am going to destroy!

Since that’s what Kefka says just before the final confrontation I thought that would have been the Music from the final battle.
So i was a little disappointed that it was only the normal kefka theme even though it was well made

Yeah, I really prefer the regular theme to the final battle. Plus if I did the battle theme I would have to do the laugh, and I suspect that it would not transpose well.
Besides, I reserve the right to disappoint people every now and then.

Get ready to cry everyone Because its Aeris time.

Nobuo! N-O-B-U-O! Failure.

Sorry didnt meant to repost and yeah i know his names spelt that way. but i didnt feel like typing it out and aparantly the misspelled it in wikipedia lol

Wow… that did rock my face off.

I love that song. Of course, you pulled it off perfectly, I just can’t stop listening to it!

I’ve gotta ask, why the ridiculous repetition of the 0 sheet? No one is going to listen to a solid hour of the same 35 second loop. Did you not know that songs loop automatically when they reach the end?

Was that aimed towards me?

yeah i fixed the repeat i think i did that by accident, and its not perfect im going to go back in and fix it some more later when i have some time.