Final Fantasy

My version of “Besaid” from FFX is finally finished. Its not perfect, but I managed to do the whole thing by ear.

“Importance of truth” From FFVII Crisis core, All piano and low piano!
(feel free to edit tempo before playing. Default is 90, 100 and 110 are both good.


Oh well, this is a first song, and it is the full version of it


There, I fixed it…and Heart, please don’t talk like that. It…annoys me.

i know XD

wow, your mean. see! I used a comma, just like it says in someones sig!

This took me 1 & A HALF HOURS! Enjoy my wasted life.

JK It’s the VI Battle Theme

You got PWNed FTW!

That Parts True, lol I quoted myself!!!

is 1 winged angel related to FF7Crisis Core?!? it is awesome anyway!!!

what is the “Importance of truth” From FFVII Crisis core? i have the game, have played it and beaten it many a time, and i don’t reconize it!!! where in the game is played??? ! Also, Stylpe, that is awesome!!!

Do not quote embedded songs

Nice job Stylpe!

Also, was the triple post necessary, caleb?

I agree, the triple post is a bit naff ( another English word for strange) (lol )
Oh, and Crisis Core was awesome!

the guy is called Laguna Loire, who is in a way connected to Squall Leonhart

i am sorry for my double and triple post

now be sorry for the X2 post you did there lol

Bringin’ this back to life with the Chocobo Theme, with a personal touch of course!

I haven’t checked the forum for this yet so sorry if you have done it.

Nope, nope, nope. Sucks. Make it again.

On a related note, I’m very happy to see the well of talent here dramatically increasing.

very nice! how long did it take you to go from mpc to this?


it didn’t take long to make the switch, MPC limits me way too much, couldn’t make something like this on mpc if I wanted…and Hypo, I really hope you’re kidding, if so lol (I think you are)