Final Fantasy

I thought Mario Kart was strange but with Clonefan on the forums its almost unbelievable that we don’t have an FF Thread…so here it is so you can talk about the new FFCC game or the old (and may I add awesome) classics |D

I <3 FF! I made asong just a few seconds ago too… not as good as I wanted XD

I got FF1 and 2 on my iPod! Square Enix remade and improved the originals for it, it’s great.
They’re so good, I would’ve actually paid for them instead of pirating them. ($10 each isn’t a bad price)

For full FF1 & 2 remakes, 10 bucks is great.


So has anyone here other than me played the crystal bearers yet???

Tifa’s the only girl I’d ever dump my wife to the curbside for

Amen. XD

Who’s seen Advent Children?

Who hasn’t? lol

I got on my phone! that’s how I took a screenshot of it (up there of Tifa) (yes, my phone can take screenshots).

and now sephiroth attacks!

WARNING: post something or forever be attacked by a triple post.

I got Final Fantasy XIII last night, needless to say I’m fairly impressed by it. The new battle system took some getting used to, but overall it’s a great game, and looks amazing too. I find it funny how Snow and Hope are guys, I thought they were girls names. XD And I love how Sazh has a baby Chocobo living in his afro.

Hmmm…Final Fantasy XIII huh? Yeah, I got that too (of course you should know if you view you’re friends list on PSN) but I haven’t finished it. I was playing it and kinda enjoying it but I started getting heavily interested in playing through Final Fantasy VIII because I’m getting a new outlook toward that game. I used to hate it because I didn’t understand the junctioning and I got stuck at the end of disk 1 and couldn’t beat it, and sent it to the junk pile. Now I’m regretting that because now that I undestand it I’m very close to putting the game ahead of VII, and oh yeah, the music in that game kicks VII’s ass!

honestly i think FFVII had great music, as did all the games (up to FFX)

Did anybody get to play Dissidia 012 yet?

Hello again everybody. Final Fantasy X is being remastered in HD, but everything is staying the same gameplay wise.


Today is the 20th Anniversary of Final Fantasy V, which was released today in 1992.

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Has anyone here playing Lightning Returns? I think it’s one of the better Final Fantasy games that have been released recently, very impressed with it overall.