Final Jester by THEFinalBoss

Inspired by Dancing Mad and some other final boss themes.

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Yays! I am the first to comment!!

Good god. What a song. It didn’t start out as something I thought I would like, but quickly evolved into a masterpiece.
And is that a custom drum loop I hear on sheet 22?

Instant hit of the Like button.

I only liked the part from sheet 27 to 36 (Except sheet 31) and the final piano part, but it was like it wasn’t the same song.

The about the rest:

A lot of parts seemed too random
Sheet 9 doesn’t fit
Didn’t like the transition to sheet 10 (which seems VERY random)
There were some awkward rhythms

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Errr… What the heck was that?

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^ Yes

it just sounded…Irregularly uneven (though the piano part was lovely)

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It’s something I made off the top of my head.

This song…isn’t really a song. It seems to be a whole bunch of songs put together in an odd fashion (my favorite part was the part before the piano. I thought the piano sounded odd to me).
And also I never added that last Sheet 3 at the end. Wtf is that doing there.

I can see the ideas that you had, but I think that they were poorly executed.

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I just diddn’t get it, 2.4/5

I have to say, while some most parts did seem random, and didn’t fit together well, overall, this song came out pretty neat. If there were some better transitions between sheets, it’d be perfect. 4/5.