Fire Emblem

Don’t you guys think the series is so AWESOME? I only have Radiant Dawn (Wii) because I can’t seem to find any others in stores. Also for a week I rented Shadow dragon. What do you guys think?

I fricken love Fire Emblem! I have 4 of 'em Fire Emblem, the Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I haven’t beaten the Gamecube and Wii ones yet Actually, I think I’m only at the 3rd chapter on the Wii on lmao
What’s Shadow Dragon? I didn’t know they have another one out.

My bro got the one for the Wii for, i think Christmas. But we traded it in for something else. Fire Emblem is OK, I’m not just a big fan of it.

Shadow Dragon is for the DS, it’s a remake of the original one, and the remake of that, and the remake of that. A.K.A. the one with Marth. Anyways now I have Shadow Dragon, PAth of Radience and Radiant DAwn.

Radient Dawn is the first game ever to make me raegface at only the third level.

On normal.