Fire Field

ironing out some kinks


@starburst For some reason this song bugs out on browser playback in Windows 10. I keep getting a sharp click before it cuts to silence. This will happen at any point in the song.

Thanks for reporting, I’ll check this one out. I couldn’t hear the sharp click, but it seems like there is definitely something wrong going on as my browser crash once when playing it so the click you heard is probably because of the processing being too much and not being able to render the sound buffer in time.

Was it playing OK at the time you submit this song or did you just notice it? I wonder if an update I did in-between those time might’ve introduce that bug.

It was fine when I uploaded it, and yes I just noticed it yesterday.

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Could you tell me if the export (WAV / MP3 / OGG) has any issue? I’m wondering if it is only a playback issue.

Exporting anything on browser has the effect of pausing the playback, which in turn causes the player to crash after a short time:

Awwww curious, doesn’t seem to trigger on Edge but on FIrefox it does… At least that’s good to know, I can repro, I’ll check it out on a debug build when I have the time.


Weird, Star said it plays fine on Firefox for him.

Ahhhh I just tried again, firefox was updated, I haven’t opened it in a long time and was on an older version when I tried it, and it seems fine now, so maybe just an issue on older version of the browser? Which browser / version do you use?

Brave Browser v1.61. It’s up to date.

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Audio bug seems to affect other V4 songs for me, so this isn’t an isolated case. It does suggest it’s more of a processing issue, might have to clear my cache again just to be safe.

EDIT: Clearing the cache solved the audio bug. Player still crashes if left on pause for at least 15 seconds.

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Do you have this issue on the PC app or only on browser?

Browser only.

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