Firefox Notessimo theme

Good job Uchihakyle

Ill go get it in a minute.

Could use some work, a little hard to see stuff.

Yes, yes it does. Im guessing he did not now that only the top half is shown.

Good work, but it’s not a theme, it’s a Persona. I can’t view it because I don’t have Personas activated.

same difference.

No, Personas only change the top and bottom picture, themes change everything. The buttons, the menus, the scroll-bars, the text etc.

I didn’t say there wasn’t a difference!

Well you said the difference was the same. The difference wasn’t the same. It was different.

Oh no, its a time paradox!

And sam difference means the difference is so little it doesn’t really matter.
A simple definition of what both do:
Persona:Changes the looks of firefox
Theme:changes the looks of firefox

That’s was just a test, kinda fail.
I can try to improve it though!

A theme is completely different than a Persona. My Ambient Fox makes me think about Firefox in a whole new light. It’s like I have a different computer. You can’t do that with Personas.

And it would be nice if you could improve it!

I might make an actually notessimo theme.

A Notessimo theme would be but it would be a killer to make.

I just noticed my grammer fail. Please kd, don’t read that are your head will explode… again…

Don’t read w…

1)Holy crap, you’re a lot older than I thought you were.
2)I hope we can fix that.

Hey guise, let me try this…

I have tried it and it is successful. It looks very attractive and nice.
Amazing theme!