FL Studio


We might as well make a topic about it, for help, complaining and showing off pieces.
If you don’t know what it is, it’s a great music-making program that’s really professional. Except it costs money but you can get the demo.

Prices: €33.67/€68.02/€136.73/€205.44 or $49/€99/$199/$299 depending on the version. You can also buy lots of plugins/samples/loops etc.

My question is: how do you change the volume of multiple notes? I can only seem to do them separately (through the note velocity thing at the bottom).

Make sure if you buy it you buy the 2nd category (the one at $100 dollars/68.02 Euros) because the first one isn’t for composing, it is just messing around with loops.

I’m about to get the demo…

We should set up a chat and figure this out.

Skype? Or something else?

We could make a synchtube page without any videos.

EDIT: Synth1 is so freaking hard to get a good instrument D:

We should Pesterchum; just like in Homestuck!

We could use Chatzy, the original Official Notessimo Chatroom.


Come everyone!


I tried remaking one of my songs in it…

I need to figure out EQ.

Actually, I’ve been using FL Studio for awhile.

I know a good amount of stuff of the interface [for FL Studio 8, 9, and 10] and I could help you guys out.

How do you make something sound good, then? My remake happens to sound worse than the one in Notessimo. (EQ, good synths and patches, etc.)

I just search for the synth like crazy. The plugin presets I use are almost always from Sytrus.
[Plugin Presets > Generators > Sytrus]

If you don’t have it, I suggest checking out Ogun or 3x Osc [the epic potential instrument basically].

EQ? I never pay attention to it unless I don’t have a good bass for my song.
EDIT: Uh, I use “Fruity Parametric EQ 1 and 2”. Very easy to use plugin.

Oh and by patches, do you mean plugins? You can add reverb and delay from sections or to all of your song using “Fruity Delay” and “Fruity Reverb”. To access your plugins, just go to the Mixer. (IF IT’S NOT THERE, PRESS F9)

I use Synth1, the thing that Renard uses for all his music. Patches are files for a VST that give it a specific instrument.

And I’m still using the demo, so I don’t have problems there.

Just got Synth1 and I’m trying it out.

Make a skype so I could see what you’re doing.

Hey, why am I missing out on all the learning?

Someone explain to me what EQ/patches/plugins etc are.

Considering listening to people talk on other sites makes no sense to me, I have no idea what we are going to do with you.

Parts of the songs frequencies (pitches) are removed or lessened. Done with a plugin.

file, kind of like a ,txt, that makes a synth give you an instrument you want. Allows people to get the same instrument.

All the different instruments and effects are done with plugins. Usually VSTs.
Unless you use a .wav sample for the instrument…


There is a list of patches for synth 1!

EDIT: I’m just going to go upload my own synth1 for you guys on mediafire… It already has a few thousand instruments on it…

How do I use Synth1? Does it change other instruments?

No it makes instruments. But I can’t find any patches that sound good… Where does Renard get his?

Can you start at the beginning? D:

How do I get instruments?

I made a chiptune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkJTH0XqTdI

In my opinion, chiptunes are a lot easier to make sound okay. I still need to know how to add the epicosity that other chiptunes have. More about making the really good timbre, not making the melody and harmony.