Flipping through pages of comments on songs/two other ideas

I am here with another suggestion.

  1. Some songs have more than one page of comments. It is a pain to have to go to the next page of comments while in the process stopping the song. There should be the ability to flip through pages of comments with the music still playing.
  2. it would be interesting if Notessimo added a feature like soundcloud: listening to a song while flipping through pages. so adding an icon or whatever on top.
  3. having a notessimo playlist to go along with idea #2. on the songs list or a specific song, there would be a button that says "Add to [select playlist v] " then you have the ability to listen to songs one after another.

what are your thoughts on these ideas?


Yeah I definitely like the playlist idea. Not that the other two ideas are bad. But, having a playlist would be awesome!

I believe suggestions 1 & 3 would be a great addition to the Notessimo website, but #2 seems pretty simple and unimportant.