Fly With Me by Lukas

The first song I finish :D Hope you like it


Cool song ! :D

I havent finished a song… hm… anyway great song :)

Thanks! :D I’m glad you liked it

At the beginning, you should make the acoustic guitar chord right before the four single notes last longer, so the four single notes don’t sound so exposed and alone.

After the intro, the low piano is hard to hear, and both low and high piano notes sound twangy and out of tune, which is all fault of the program itself. I’d recommend using a different keyboard sound, or maybe looking into the percussion sounds for something to replace them.

The Fender guitars that came in later, sounded very nice.
The part where the trumpets came in went perfectly with the song.

The fender guitar solo was very nice, although the extremely high notes didn’t fit in too well.

Overall, the only thing I can say bad about the song really, is the sound of the piano, due to the program itself. Everything else was very well done. Love the way you made echo-sounding effects.

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