FOF Project Opening

The FoF Project

The FoF Project is a project for Frets On Fire.
If you do not know what Frets On Fire is or
want to know more,

It is simple.

All you need to do, Is create a song, and add it to this Topic.

Of course I will need Beta testers.

The game runs slow on my Cpu.
Therefore, My beta testers could test the song to see if the
Song is beatable after i send it to them.

Requirements for beta testing
1: internet connection.
2: a good running computer
3: a Notessimo account
4: E-mail Address (Yahoo or Hotmail)
5: Frets On Fire Game.
6A: a Youtube account (Optional)
6B: Some recorder ( if you want to post the songs on youtube for the other users to see for themselves)

Requirements for Creating you song for the FoF project
1: internet connection
2: a Notessimo account
3a: Guitar w/ Guitar solo
3b: Bass
3c: Drums
3d: Other instruments (Optional)
4: an official name for your song.
5: No demos or unfinished song
6: Frets On Fire (If you want to play your song.)

Once you post your song, I will post your name
here as undone. When i’m finished with your song,
I will put down done.

& More

If you want to be a beta tester,
You go here. ( i only need 5)

Join Now

ill help with this

I’d love to be a tester

This reminds me a lot of my sig. Sadly, FoF doesn’t work on my computer, so I can’t be a tester. However, I did make a chart for my song Direct Fail for GH using feedback. I don’t know if feedback works with FoF, but you can use the song and chart if you want to.

Oh boy, more Guitar Hero…

I’m gonna pass.

Kdiuldlea Thanks 4 the help. Once i finish the first song, I’ll send you the song to test.
fishrocker I’m sorry to hear that. I have the same problem (Somewhat) But you could send me the song/chart.
Skycakes Although it isn’t guitar hero, I see the resemblance.

Do the sound files for FoF have to be in a certain format (WAV, MP3, OGG, etc) because I believe my sound file is in WAV format. I’ll put them (song and chart) on Savefile, and post the link here.

EDIT: Here’s the link to all the Notessimo songs and charts that have been made. Some charts were done by Kd a while ago, and the other’s are ones I did. Enjoy…

Thanks for the songs FR. I really the “Attention in combat” Most.

Sorry. I am not able to upload wav files.
You could still send me wav files.
I could convert them to mp3’s and ogg’s
Plz send me mostly mp3’s and ogg’s if you could

Oh, your welcome. The Notessimo Converter can only convert to WAV. I use Audacity and it used to convert them into MP3s, the file of my choice, but now that I have a newer version, it can only convert files into WAV and OGG. I never used an OGG file before, but I’ll convert the songs to them next time I send them to you or anybody else invloved in this project.

You can use iTunes to convert those files too, just so ya know That’s what I use anyways.

i never knew that
Thanks Kd.

I can help with the song creating. I have a new unfinished song thats almost done. It has no bass though, I’ll have to add some.

EDIT: The drums are going to need some undercharting to have possible gameplay.

Listen to song here
^The unfinished version, I will finish later, and also add bass.^

Oh, FoF can play drums too? I thought it was only guitar and bass/rhythm.

There’s a mod of FoF That allows drum play, I’m pretty sure.

Darc, That’s interesting. The editor i’m using for the FoF Project has a drums option
But i can’t use it.
Also i’ll only listen to the song. I won’t except unfinished songs though, Sorry.
On the good side, This Project will take a few months (I predict around 2 to 4 Months Considering
That I want to make my own FoF Mod for this project).

EDIT: Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea.
Darc that is some hardcore song there. Someone might break their fingers playing
and ending up in the hospital because they caught arthritis in their hand.

I have a FoF mod that makes it look like Rock Band 2 along with being able to play every instrument except singing.

It just sucks that FoF runs slow on my pc.

Are you using Feedback? That’s what I use.

I made a Custom GH disc over the summer, and it only took 2 whole months. Too bad my dvd burner still doesn’t work, so I can’t play it. I hope it works in time for my newer project I’m working on (sig)

Yes, Darc’s song is hardcore, but I feel that Direct Fail is also extremely difficult. Just look at the chart if you haven’t done so yet. It is very challenging indeed.

Does fof run on vista? for some reason its not working