FOR BRAND NEW USERS! (Sticky this 4 the luv of GOD!)

Okay. I want to do this so we never have to have spam, unrelative, immature, or explicit content ever again.
How people go by spamming Notessimo with single song threads, medical treatments, pornography, and as well as absoulte bull-crap (Yes, this is the history of all the junk we had to clean up).
Here at Notessimo, we give off a variety of topics to discuss. The ones we prefer from users is about music and the site in general.
There’s an off-topic board for other things. But since no one ever reads the rules (and that now I have caught your attention)…


Notessimo does not tolerate against off-topic things listed below.

One Song Threads
Irrevelant Topics (The ones people won’t care about)
Pornography (There are kids here, so post your trash somewhere else)
Trollings (Read the link in giant letters)

The list may go beyond. Thanks to a team of moderators, they make sure nothing explicit or excedera goes through.
Parents, if your kids are palying this and you are reading this, you have nothing to fear. Users and moderators around the world will be online as often as they can 24/7.
So, if you are worried about your child(ren), you have nothing to fear.

On behalf of the Notessimo site, we welcome you and please follow the rules.

~Unknowned & Notessimo

(Lock up, sticky this, but don’t delete.)

I don’t think bots can read.

There’s kinda something like this as an announcement. Don’t get me wrong, this is good, but it’s been done lol.
And yeah, the bots could care less.

Okay, but if anyone who has control over the site, do this to new users.
The moment the acconut is activated, it will take them to that page.
Then the one with creating your own threads.

Then they can start.

What about CAPTCHA idea? That’s the best idea.

Some pokemon forum (SP probably remembers the name) made you pass a forum rules quiz before you could post…that would probably get rid of the bots.

What about my method in the Updates topic? It’s the easiest.

I read bots can get past html codings (I mean, they are made out of coding, too) and so they can get past many blocks you make

Not my block.

What about those character thingies? It shows the numbers and letters in a box, and you type it in?

Fish, I tried getting that idea across but nobody will listen to me D:
Maybe with your reputation…

I dont know why no one thought of that


I thought of that. And I mentioned it twice. TWICE. Any more and it would have been spamming.

I mentiond it 3 times!

And its called a CAPTCHA!

LOL I was joking if you didn’t notice…

Yeah I noticed. I just had to release my fury.

Maybe somebody should just buy their products, and they will kindly leave.

I think buying from them would have an opposite effect…

Who says these bots aren’t redirecters that use ads from there site, linking to someone thats paying them to do it. Like an ad… or maybe… Its starburst making ads

Oh ya starburst wants to sell viagra and pills + adult dating and porn to MAINLY 14-16 year old people…