Forget About It by TRB


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it sounds great

I liked it starting at sheet 2. Sheet 1 was really pointless and would have made the song better off starting at sheet 2. The drums weren’t really interesting but they were consistent which is nice. Basically I would improve on the fender strat guitar part, the intro, but I did like the rest mostly.

The Strats were lovely, In sheets 2 and 3. But in sheet 9 the strats were’nt as nice. Chrords that were whole notes would hve sounded better than A bunch of quarter notes. Same with sheet 10. In sheet 8 the Male vox sounded off key to me. At E4 an G4 both sound better to me. The whole string of sheet 9-14 was to long. Maybe you might try seperating them, or taking a few sheets off. 15 and 16 werent great either. BUT they were solo sheets so dont feel bad. 18 was like a dream. 29 and 30 ended i off abruptly.Maybe changing the 4 eighth not chords into 1 half/whole note chord. Overall it was nice. 3.5/5

you just may restore the balance of the mainstream music universe yet!!!