Forum Permissions

Should the forums allow anybody to post new topics?

  • Not having to log in every single time.
  • Newcomers don’t have to spend time registering before they can actually share their song
  • AnonymityCons:
  • Inability to edit mistakes after hitting the send button (more work for lazy mods)
  • Discourages (or at least doesn’t encourage) registration
  • AnonymityDiscuss.

I dont really think so, Almost enyone can pose as someone else and u cant ban those people unless u can ban there ip adress

In a month or so if Notessimo gets popular, you’ll be seeing spambots and THEN you’ll want to make it so people will have to sign up anyway.

Okay, I’ve seen this one too many times: registered members posting as guests, typing their username (or a derivative of their username) and adding (too lazy to log in). How much time is that saving from your precious schedule? Couldn’t be more than 15, maybe 30 seconds. Too lazy to log in, not lazy enough to post the minimum amount of identification necessary? Starburst, put an end to guest posting, or at least the ability for guests to make new topics. And users, stop being dumb.

Well the thing is, I tryed Using The dark Beta, so I couldent do anything. So I had to use a guest post. Gladly Starburst fixed it. What should he do about that? (probably not allow People to use it yet)
Thanks Starburst for Fixing it.

Whenever I log in my username shows up immediately and more than half of others have the same thing. I agree it is really lazy and annoying.

i really think those people that dont register, dont belong on the forum. they will just take up space and only end up posting 3 posts and never return.

I agree with all of you. Now we just need to get Starburst to make it that way.

I just recieved a reply from Starburst about forum permissions. He said he feels the same way that we do, and he’ll see what he can do.

Yeah! Exactly what happens to me too. I think it’d be cool if we get rid of guest writing.

(Oh, and before anyone says that if they had a problem with their user and they “Wont be able to get help on the forum”, Just ask Starburst! He’ll fix it )