Forum Rules ***At least skim over this before you post***

  1. Be nice:
  • Don't insult or harass other members
  • Don't discriminate based on race/age/gender/sexual orientation/religion/political views
  • Don't troll
2. Don't spam:
  • Don't post two or more times in quick succession in the same topic
  • Don't post in topics with nothing relevant to add
  • Place particularly large posts in spoiler tags (third button at top of toolbar)
3. When posting new topics:
  • Search if it has been created already
  • Post it in the right section
  • PM a mod before created a topic with your songs
4. What not to post:
  • Sexual content
  • Malicious websites
  • Scams which can steal money
  • Haiku except in appropriate thread.
  • Hashtags. Leave them on appropriate sites.
5. When posting songs:
  • Don't post more than six songs per day
  • Don't steal other people's songs
  • If it's a cover/remix, you must clearly state so and the original author
  • If you have to ask yourself "Is this song spam?" it probably is. Think twice. Ex. A "song" that is just one note.
Made by Nuselline

Warning System:
After each warning you will be banned a number of days.


The punishment of the tenth and higher warnings will be discussed by the moderators.


Also, swearing is allowed unless you’re swearing just for the sake of swearing.


Finalized the warning system. No bans for first two warnings, 3 day ban on third, then 10 on the 4th, and 30 days until the 10th warning. Then, the moderators will discuss what to do.