futiture [v2] by Aliens Exist


Im the first viewer. =P

(no offence tail’s but) I’m the first viewer cuz’ I MADE THE FREAKING SONG (lololol)

Aliens… look

in most of your songs I find an alright melody that could be expanded on and MAKE SOMTHIN’ COOL!!! But im sorry, all you do to it is add a drum line. At some part, in most of your songs, you just speed it up and add a new instrument, like when sheet 3 comes in (no… just no) that did not work at all…

take that first melody and then make a new part (like a “bridge”) and then come back to your melody, and make backround stuff and chords to support your melody…

Keep working!

Interesting, I shall take these into account.


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Thanks for understanding George…

I have to be honest, this song is better than my first song, but way worse than the songs i make now ( and latly i havent been doing much)

Uh uh because when I came on the song it said 1 viewer and when you come on a song the view count gets bigger. =3