Gaia Online

For all that have Gaia Accounts or Don’t Please Check Out My Gaia Profile! I make Avatars That Look Like Celebrities! If Anyone has any requests leave one here or on my gaia profile!

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Thank You!


Agreed haha

if i may speek my opinion (as well as the opinion of most of the internet), nobody likes gaia. people who play gaia are the same nuisance to the internet as narutards are to otaku.

I don’t play Gaia! I just want a profile…Plus I like putting stuff in my profile…And I like making tiny avatars! I don’t play any of there games! DX

Whats gaia and why does everyone hate it? Is it another form of runescape or something?

Think about it like runescape for trolls that think they are cool because they post on 4chan. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and faggotry. You must be cautious if you choose to venture there.

So its a anime-obsessed version of /b/? In that case…


I will attempt to venture there. I will return with damage report.

Damage Report:

Uhhhhmm… wtf am i supposed to be reading again?

they arent obsessed with anime. there obsessed with Naruto and all those “wannabe” anime.


Haa, good one

i think his catch phrase in Japan was “F#CK YEAH!” or something like that. thats what i heard.

Ppl There Aren’t Obsessed With Naruto and other anime…I mean you can join Guilds With that kind of stuff, but…Still…Here are some guild examples…

Art Guild

Anime Guild

Music Guild

Cyanide and Happyness Guild

Should I go on I think Not!

Fancy little guilds or not… it’s something I’ll avoid.

Have you even tried it… DJ CRAPMATTER Has a Gaia! (rock)

No I haven’t tried it, nor am I going to (rock)



i had one untill i stoped careing (about 2 days after i joined) i think i left the password circulate around somewhere. i should log in for some more trolling like i used to do.

If you don’t use it…can I have your gold…I saving up to make a guild…I need 20,000 gold to make a guild…I’m not even close to that much…